My Little Welsh World

Hey there! I'm Helen nickname Melon. I live in Wales in the UK. I am 23 Years Old. Hope you enjoy my blog:

I <3
Chandeliers. Vintage. Flowers. Pink. Girlyness. Butterflies. Animals. Jewellry. Lace. Pearls. Paris. Disney. Doctor Who. Cupcakes. Hippie Vans. Harry Potter. Pirates. Johnny Depp. Keira Knigtley. Amanda Bynes. Billie Piper. David Tennant. Rufus Hound. Nail Art. Photography. Ace of Cakes. Sunshine. Sunsets. Matt Smith. Catherine Tate. Karen Gillam. HON. Rachel Caine. Vampires. Zac Efron. Rupert Grint. Music. Clouds. Nature. Letters. Period Dramas. Tattoos. Fairies. Unicorns. Angels. Supernatural. Debbie Novotny. Emmett Honeycutt. Twilight. Sewing. Glitter. Strawberries. Sequins. Beads. Buttons. Embroidery. Demask. Birdcages. Peacocks. Feathers. Masquerade.

  • 10 August 2012
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